Google Drive Userscript


Since Google Drive support was launched in early 2014, it has broken at least 4-5 times, requiring increasing effort to get it working again and disrupting many channels. This is because there is no official API for it like there is for YouTube videos, which means support for it relies on undocumented tricks. In August 2016, the decision was made to phase out the native support for Google Drive and instead require users to install a userscript, which allows to bypass certain browser restrictions and make the code easier, simpler, and less prone to failure (it could still break due to future Google Drive changes, but is less likely to be difficult to fix).

How It Works

The userscript is a short script that you can install using a browser extension such as Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey that runs on the page and provides additional functionality needed to play Google Drive videos.


  • Chrome—Install Tampermonkey.
  • Firefox —Install Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey.
  • Other Browsers —Install the appropriate userscript plugin for your browser. Tampermonkey supports many browsers besides Chrome.

Once you have installed the userscript manager addon for your browser, you can install the userscript. If this link 404s, it means the administrator of this server hasn't generated it yet.

You can find a guide with screenshots of the installation process on GitHub.